Four Days of Tabletop Hobby Gaming

We'll be streaming live events on Twitch at both Midwest GameFest and RPGKC channels!


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Streaming Schedule

We've got a great streaming schedule lined up for the weekend of March 10-13, 2022, including role-playing games, craft workshops, paint-and-takes, and more. And don't miss the Saturday night Benefit Raffle and the Sunday After Party!

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TimesMidwest GameFestRPGKC
Thursday 12:00pm Opening Ceremony  
Thursday 1:00pm    
Thursday 2:00pm How-To: Build a Pathfinder 2nd Edition Character  
Thursday 3:00pm
Thursday 4:00pm
Thursday 5:00pm
Thursday 6:00pm    
Thursday 7:00pm Paint Along with Andi: HeroForge Character Planning Shadowrun First Taste with Aaron Dykstra
Thursday 8:00pm  
Thursday 9:00pm  
Thursday 10:00pm  
Friday 9:00am    
Friday 10:00am  
Friday 11:00am Opening Ceremony (Rebroadcast)
Friday 12:00pm  
Friday 1:00pm Benefit Raffle Preview (Rebroadcast)  
Friday 2:00pm D&D: The Lair of Glaucous with Jeff Stevens  
Friday 3:00pm
Friday 4:00pm
Friday 5:00pm
Friday 6:00pm    
Friday 7:00pm Comedy Show: Jeff Krakenberg's Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter: Free Wifi Pulp Cthulhu: Tomb of Doom with Jon Hook
Friday 8:00pm  
Friday 9:00pm  
Friday 10:00pm Interview: Aaron Dykstra, Shadowrun Missions
Saturday 9:00am Interview: Jeff Stevens, Jeff Stevens Games  
Saturday 10:00am  
Saturday 11:00am Paint Along with Andi: HeroForge Painting and Color Theory
Saturday 12:00pm  
Saturday 1:00pm Opening Ceremony: Re-broadcast  
Saturday 2:00pm Special Guest Panel: From Writing to Running with Jon Hook, Jeff Stevens, and Aaron Dykstra Crypt Monkey Paints
Saturday 3:00pm  
Saturday 4:00pm Special Guest Panel: Gaming Podcasts with Jon Hook, Jeff Stevens, Beth Perrin, and Adam Collins  
Saturday 5:00pm    
Saturday 6:00pm Benefit Raffle Preview (Rebroadcast)  
Saturday 7:00pm Benefit Raffle for Harvesters  
Saturday 8:00pm   Alien RPG: Hope's Last Day with Jon Hook
Saturday 9:00pm Comedy Show: Jeff Krakenberg's Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter: Free Wifi
Saturday 10:00pm  
Saturday 11:00pm  
Sunday 9:00am Interview: Sterling Hershey, Freelancer Paint Along with Andi: Griffon
Sunday 10:00am  
Sunday 11:00am Interview: Jon Hook, Modern Mythos
Sunday 12:00pm  
Sunday 1:00pm Opening Ceremony (Rebroadcast)  
Sunday 2:00pm Paint Along with Andi: Spectator and Gazers The Yellow King RPG: The Doors to Heaven with Jon Hook
Sunday 3:00pm
Sunday 4:00pm
Sunday 5:00pm
Sunday 6:00pm Closing Ceremony and After Party