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All badge holders at Midwest GameFest Online are entitled to a Digital SWAG Bag (stuff we all get) donated by our friendly and supportive Sponsors. Digital SWAG Bags contain digital coupons, digital freebies, etc., and are emailed to attendees once the convention starts.

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Each day of the convention we'll send out an email blast to badge holders with links to the items. Badge holders can also check the News section at our event site once logged in.

AAW Games $10 Off Subscription Coupon

$10 off a $10 subscription at AAWGames.com. A free subscription but not an annoying trial that recharges you! Adventureaweek.com is AAW Games’ core product, an award-winning subscription website that provides a steady stream of adventures and tabletop roleplaying products for D&D, Pathfinder, Starfinder, and Savage Worlds. Great value, so check it out at https://adventureaweek.com!

Format: Coupon

How to Redeem: A coupon for $10 off an AAW subscripton at AAWGames.com. Just enter the code at checkout.

» Donated By: AAW Games

Bada$$ Bombs (PDF)

Ready to blow stuff up during your next encounter at the mukradi lair? Need a little something to make the cinder rats screech “Run for it” or a bomb so volatile, it forms an elemental fence to keep the pesky invisible fox at bay? We have the alchemical explosive for you! Bad A$$ Bombs features 21 unique alchemical bombs and 4 alchemist themed magic items for Pathfinder 2e. This mini supplement features full color art to bring a little BOOM! to your Pathfinder table! Find these great consumables inside: - Feeling overwhelmed? Have a few party members down? Turn the tables in your favor with the best friend bomb! - Ready to send that contract devil flying? Need to get the kobold selling pickles and potions off your drawbridge? Give that pest a ride it won’t forget with the goblin geysers! - Want to send a big fancy party into pure chaos? Want to cause a crowded room to scream and run? Toss the bee swarm bomb into the mix. - Have a vamp infestation in the dungeon or need to get some sparkly vampires off your front porch? Snag your self some Vamp-Be-Gone!

Format: PDF

How to Redeem: A link to download the FREE PDF from pathfinderinfinite.com. Good between Dec 7, 2023 - Dec 13, 2023.

» Donated By: RPGElise

Nerdhaus Games 40% Sales

Nerdhaus games's entire catalog is 40% off this weekend during Midwest GameFest Online! Great games like Crisis, the Long Way Home, and more!

Format: Coupon

How to Redeem: A link to receive a 40% discount from Nerdhaus Games.

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7-day Free Trial for All New Patrons! Tokens, tools, and tales: from tabletops to virtual realms. Gain access to 300+ downloadable assets to enhance your game at https://TTRPGHQ.com.

Format: Link

How to Redeem: Follow the link to the site.

» Donated By: TTRPGHQ