Four Days of Tabletop Hobby Gaming

In the event of a service outage affecting attendees' ability to connect with us or play games (Discord, Roll20, Tabletop.Events, etc.) we'll provide updates via the following outlets:

  1. Discord via the #announcements channel
  2. MidwestGameFest.org News
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter 
  5. RPGKC News
  6. Check your email for announcements from us.

Check these for status info on our service providers:

We've got an extensive Discord FAQ to help folks up to speed and rolling. Head on over to get the scoop.

Just looking for the Discord server invite? Here you go. =)

If you're at the Discord server and you've already agreed to the terms and conditions by clicking the smily face icon in the #welcome channel, then you are very close!

  • Just type "!help" into the message bar at the bottom and some helpful tips will be displayed.
    • You can also click the Members icon to see a list of online users and roles; just message anyone in the Help role for assistance.
    • In a pinch you can also message anyone in the Admin role, but they may not be on duty.
  • Visit the #tech-support channel or voice channel and ask anyone there.

See our Discord FAQ for details.

There are lots of VTTs, and our support staff may be able to give you a direct answer, so hear over to the #tech-support channel at Discord and try there.

There are other links and resources available on our Online Resources page.

If you click either the Voice Channel or Text Channel link in TTE (our event system) and it takes you to Discord but not to your table, it's most likely because you haven't actually joined the server. These text links assume you have already joined the server.

Link to Discord Channel

To join, just follow the link below, create a Discord account if needed, and then try the Voice Channel or Text Channel link again.

» Join the Discord Server

Note: Once you join the server for the first time you will need to agree to the terms and conditions by clicking the "smiley face" icon in the Welcome channel.

Need a refund, or not sure how to apply a discount code to your badge?

Check out our Registration FAQ

Got a question about the basics of events, or how to get out of a game?

Head over to our Events FAQ!