Four Days of Tabletop Hobby Gaming

2022 Exhibitors

We'll update the list as we get folks confirmed. Check back often!

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Booth E22

Arsenic Dice is a dicesmith supplying adventurers with the tools needed to be advantageous, selling handmade resin dice and ttrpg accessories.

» Website: https://ko-fi.com/arsenicdice

Arsenic Dice

Booth E50 - E52

Midwest Gamefest is hosting our annual in-person Art Show again this year, including an art contest and auction, courtesy of Dorky Dino! The Art Show is located in the Earth room, between the Registration desk and the hotel lobby. Come browse the artwork or enter your own original work in the contest, auction, or both. All kinds of artwork are accepted, including painted miniatures.

» Website: https://www.midwestgamefest.org/kansascity/art

Art Show: Contest and Auction by Dorky Dino

Booth E47 - E49

Special Guest Richard Norton brings his traveling Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator to Midwest GameFest! Artemis lets you and your team of players assume the roles of Captain, Helm, Science, Communication, Engineering, Weapon Control, and Fighter Pilot. Together, you operate your ship and defend the sector from invading aliens and monster threats. Richard brings a complete bridge solution with workstations, a main view screen, a joystick for the pilot, music, and more!

» Website: https://www.midwestgamefest.org/kansascity/attractions/artemis

Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

Booth E36

Assam Teas offers curated luxury teas and tisanes. All naturals teas, all natural flavors. Each tea purchase comes with organically and ethically grown loose leaf tea, carefully blended to create the perfect cup.

» Website: https://assamteas.shop

Assam Teas

Booth E18

Bri ‘Pi’ Crozier is well known for their deep adoration of horrific media. A writer and illustrator with a degree in both, Bri is passionate about the natural cycle of decay and death, finding beauty in how it relates to their experiences as a queer and disabled person. When not writing or painting, Bri can be found looking for dead things in Kansas City, where they are pursuing a MFA in creative writing. Bri's focus is in horror, fantasy, and new weird comics and stories. To see more of their work, find their website at Bricrozierart.com or follow them on social media at @ear_a_Corn Instagram & Twitter.

» Website: https://BriCrozierArt.com

Bri Crozier Art

Booth E26

Barware for the grown-up geek. Hand-etched pint glasses, shots, and coasters, hand-engraved bottle openers, vinyl decals, magnets, and ceramic ornaments.

» Website: https://CoventryDecor.com

Coventry Decor

Booth E45 - E46

A variety of popular board and card games. As well as miniatures and accessories to help organize your games.

» Website: https://crazyjackalope.com

Crazy Jackalope Games LLC

Booth E07 - E08

Crypt Monkey Studios is a creator of Role Playing Games and Primer Games that are wrapped in themes of dark fantasy, horror, science fiction, and comedy.

» Website: https://www.cryptmonkeygames.com/

Crypt Monkey Studios

Booth E01 - E02

I make and sell handmade dice bags, tote bags, drawstring backpacks, dice trays, pillows, blankets and face masks. We use designs including Cthulhu, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Pokémon, Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, Star Trek, Hello Kitty and everything in between.

» Website: https://stores.ebay.com/designsbyraquelo

Designs by Raquel

Booth E03

Dorky Dino is a shop run by artist Brandi Miller. Brandi designs cute creatures and then hand makes them into various products including charms, keychains, jewelry, dice bags, and patches. She also does original paintings and other fine arts. The main themes in Dorky Dino are all things cute and colorful, as well as references to geekery and pop culture. Many of her creations are inspired by tabletop gaming.

» Website: https://dorkydino.com

Dorky Dino

Booth E10

Double Exposure's Envoy program provides Midwest GameFest's Play-to-Win program. It's available to all convention attendees that play a copy of our Play-to-Win games. The winner(s) receive one copy of the game that was used for this program, not a new copy. It is sponsored by one or more generous game companies that donated a copy of the Play-to-Win game to raise awareness of their products.

» Website: https://www.dexposure.com/envoy/

Double Exposure Envoy Play-to-Win

Booth E32

DragonClaw ChainMaille is a collection of handcrafted jewelry with an inspiration drawn from pop culture. This is a one stop shop for DnD accessories, customized jewelry, stylish bracelets, artwork in chainmaille, armor, and custom projects.

» Website: https://dragonclawchainmaille.com/

DragonClaw ChainMaille

Booth E19

Hand crafted in Kansas City and sold around the world, Druid Dice helps gamers and creators reach the next level. Need dice for a new character? We have a great selection. Supplies for dice making? Yep, Masters, Molds, Mica and so much more. Retail store? Come visit us anytime, 2010 Main St,. Kansas City, MO or just check us out online! We cater to creators of all sizes, so please contact us with your dice needs. Our dedicated team is ready to make your dice vision a reality. https://www.youtube.com/c/DruidDice/featured

» Website: https://www.druiddice.com

Druid Dice

Booth E12 - E13

Stories abound in these parts about the Dungeon o'Doom. A buried labyrinth filled with riches beyond the dreams of avarice but guarded by the fiendish servants of the dungeon's creators. Are you brave enough to face the terrors within? Many try, but few succeed. Join up with others to defeat the denizens of the dungeon in this fun and danger-filled romp through their awesome labyrinth. Doug Howard, Dave Berg, and others are your guides as you struggle to complete the dungeon. Characters provided, and new players are encouraged!

» Website: https://www.midwestgamefest.org/kansascity/attractions/dungeon-delve

Dungeon Delve

Booth E15

Handcrafted home goods for the nerds in all of us. Pillows, convention blankets, D&D themed candles, dungeon tiles, several different types of dice bags. Check out Emily’s Stuff on Facebook or instagram at Emilysstuff_2022!

» Website: https://www.instagram.com/emilysstuff_2022/

Emily’s Stuff

Booth E42

We carry an assortment of board games, miniatures, used goods, Magic The Gathering, Pokemon Cards, and more, but there's a special place in our hearts for Warhammer.

» Website: http://feralevents.com

Feral Events

Booth E24 - E25

Large retail hobby game store destination located on the historic Independence Square.

» Website: https://www.playgamecafe.com

Game Cafe

Booth E11

Kansas City’s premiere Board Game Bar and Pop‑Up Venue. Featuring unlimited board gaming, endless role-playing adventures, delicious specialty drinks, and passionate staff, ReRoll Tavern is the place to connect with friends and family through the magic of cocktails, conversation, and competition! You can enjoy our 500+ board games and RPG collection all night for a $5 pay-to-play fee, or get free access with your membership.

» Website: https://www.rerolltavern.com

Game Library presented by ReRoll Tavern

Booth E53 - E55

The Gamer Garage Sale provides an opportunity for attendees to sell used games and gaming related items at the convention. It is open most of the show. To purchase items, simply browse, find what you want, and take it to the cashier. Items are priced – no bidding required. To sell items, fill out a Gamer Garage Sale Registration Form at the registration desk or online. Midwest GameFest will keep a 15% commission from your total sales.

» Website: https://www.midwestgamefest.org/kansascity/garage-sale

Gamer Garage Sale

Booth E27

Hello! I’m Gabi, the owner and founder of Gamer Girl Jewelry. While the name sounds limiting, jewelry is just part of what I do! Back in December 2021 I started to make dice, and it’s been my passion ever since. So now I make dice, dice jewelry, dice boxes, dice guardians, dice coasters, dice keychains, tarot cards, dragons, unicorns, “Mercatians” and more! I like to focus on nostalgia-inspired pieces, including dice sets inspired by everything from Rainbow Brite to Repo the Genetic Opera, Twilight and St. Elmo’s Fire. So far I’ve had the amazing opportunity to appear in many places around the midwest:The Great Plains Renaissance Festival, First Fridays, KantCon, and the PokeBall! My dice have been sold at RPG in Lawrence and I've popped in to sell a few times at ReRoll Tavern this Fall. I’m almost always open for commissions and can be contacted at my facebook page: Gamer Girl Jewelry, or through my Etsy: GamerGirlJewelryShop. I genuinely look forward to working more in KC as my business grows.

» Website: https://linktr.ee/GamerGirlJewelry

Gamer Girl Jewelry

Booth E43

Innocent Traveler Games is the publisher for The Ghosts Betwixt, a 90s dungeon crawler set in the haunted heartland of the Midwest.

» Website: https://www.theghostsbetwixt.com

Innocent Traveler Games

Booth E31

Featuring handmade items, customs, and geekery!

» Website: https://www.facebook.com/JediLizzy

Jedi Lizzy

Booth E16

Freelance Illustration, Warhammer 40 art. Card games Xenofera and Xenofera Galactic Market, games of galactic creature capture. Era of Kingdoms, a strategy game of kingdom building in the medieval world.

» Website: http://eraofKingdoms.com

Jeff Porter Illustration

Booth E34

JTP Games is a local game designer making family friendly board and card games. Always something new, come see what this year brings!

» Website: http://jtpgames.com

JTP Games

Booth E21

KantCon is a family-friendly non-profit convention for tabletop hobby gamers in July in the Kansas City area, started in 2009. KantCon organizers work with gaming companies like Wizards of the Coast, Rio Grande Games, Envoy and other companies to generate the thousands of dollars in prizes handed out over the years, and this support continues for KantCon 2023!

» Website: https://kantcon.com


Booth E20

Mission: Board Games: a locally, family owned board game shop opened in 2016. Home to hundreds of board games, card games, miniatures, RPGs and accessories for all ages, interests, and experience levels to bring home or play in-store. We believe gaming is more than just a row at a big box store- we believe gaming is a way to connect people, both family and friends, and unite communities. Now with two locations: 5606A Johnson Drive, Mission KS 66202 and 7751 NW Prairie View Road, Kansas City, MO 64151. Shop in store or online at missionboardgames.com

» Website: https://missionboardgames.com

Mission: Board Games

Booth E40

We create art and personal treasures out of resin and painted stones. We have a wide range of products from resin dragon dice boxes to baby dragon eggs to fantastical skulls. We also have a wide range of painted rocks and stone coasters and plaques. Come check us out! https://youtu.be/VFamYIwBD3c

» Website: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100057043282151

Mystickal Treasures

Booth E29 - E30

Mythica Gaming is an independent publisher specializing in introductory (Gateway) games across a wide variety of genres. Creators of the Draxia Universe including a custom RPG system, lore and short stories, the popular resource management game “Legends of Draxia” and the PVP expansion “Corrupted Mana”, a Legends of Draxia mobile app, “Fates of Madness, an RPG Card Game”, "Dualing Dice",and "Kuddly Kymera". Check out the games along with some new prototypes - Game Designer Jimmy Sanders will happily converse on all things gaming. Play with the designer himself, and take home a signed con-exclusive playable Legends of Draxia game card! Find us at the Mythica Gaming booth with LOTS of cool dice, RPG books, minis, gaming supplies, art prints from our games, and OF COURSE! our games and playmats. Visit www.mythicagaming.com to get the backstory on Jimmy, Draxia, and Mythica Gaming.

» Website: https://mythicagaming.com

Mythica Gaming

Booth E23

New Mythology Press is your home for fantasy stories with steel flashing in the sun, magic lighting up the night, and characters you'll love. From high fantasy to modern fantasy, you'll find it all here. Rob Howell is the publisher, and he has his own set of stories, including even more fantasy, military science-fiction, alternate history, space opera, even a bit of horror. But wait, there's more! New Mythology is the fantasy imprint of Chris Kennedy Publishing, meaning there will also be a variety of hard-hitting space opera, military science fiction, and more. We love great stories, great characters, and great battles so that's what we give our readers.

» Website: https://chriskennedypublishing.com/new-mythology-press/

New Mythology Press (Rob Howell)

Booth E37 - E38

Come by during our many paint and take sessions! Paints, brushes, and miniatures provided for this fun activity for all ages! Check the schedule for paint and take sessions, or inquire at the booth! Host Andi Dieckman is an award-winning miniature painter. She has received four bronze medals at Reapercon and one gold medal and one silver medal at Midwest Gamefest.

» Website: https://www.midwestgamefest.org/kansascity/paint-and-take

Paint and Take by Andi Dieckman

Booth E09

Parlor is a small team of people who want to help you create fantastic stories. We are dedicated to building roleplaying games that give you a safe space to challenge your creativity, engage your friends, and bring your imagination to life. Life is often dominated by chores, spreadsheets, long emails, and uncomfortable conversations. In-between all that, we'd like to add a little bit of adventure. Check out Tephra: the Steampunk RPG -- an award-winning revolutionary D12-based steampunk fantasy RPG! Or come test out our newest endeavour, a jazzy post-apocalyptic RPG with reality-bending technologies: Retroscape!

» Website: https://parlorgaming.com

Parlor Games

Booth E44

Peculiar Games and Hobbies is a great place to have fun and meet new people. A place designed to help you relax and escape the hectic world even if just for a few hours. Whether you enjoy board games, Role Play, card games or miniatures there is something for everyone. We host different activities everyday and have a growing game library for you to try. Our Envoy is here almost every Sunday for Board Game Day with new game demos. We are currently running a month of events to raise money for Breast Cancer patients. Check out our Facebook page or stop in and join our Peculiar Gamers for a Cure.

» Website: https://www.peculiargamesandhobbies.com/

Peculiar Games and Hobbies

Booth E04

Sell miniature games from Warlord to Mantic. The best place for all of your Miniature Tabletop wargaming needs. Warlord Games: Bolt Action (BA), Konflikt 47 (K47), Black Seas, and Blood Red Skies (BRS), Cruel Seas, 28mm and 1/56 scale figures. And Pirates too by Firelock games, Blood and Plunder. We also carry Frontline (FLG) gaming mats.

» Website: https://piratepats.net

Piratepat's Games

Booth E05 - E06

Play To Beat Brain Cancer is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that pays the Medical expenses for patients suffering from Brain Cancer and Brain Tumors. We raise funds by attending gaming events and conventions to bring gamers the opportunity to acquire various gaming accessories by making donations to our organization. This includes many types of Dice, Dice Trays, Towers, Dice Boxes and Dice Bags. In addition, we provide other unique items such as Water Buffalo Horn Mugs, engraved Flasks, engraved Coasters, Puzzles.

» Website: https://ptbbc.org

Play To Beat Brain Cancer, INC

Booth E39

Tabletop gaming accessories and nerdcentric gifts.

» Website: https://www.facebook.com/PrettiestMessStudios/

Prettiest Mess Studios

Booth E33

Handcrafted sharpedge dice specializing in quality liquid core D20s.

» Website: https://rollingriverdice.com

Rolling River Dice

Booth E14

3D printed tabletop gaming tiles and terrain. Creator of PowerBlocks for OpenLOCK/OpenForge systems.

» Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SchadowForge

Schadow Forge

Booth E28

The Sarcastic Skull specializes in custom, affordable, fun and functional dice towers as well as other fun gaming accessories. Stop by and see us during the convention to pick up a unique gift for yourself, a friend, family member, or all of the above!

» Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/thesarcasticskull

The Sarcastic Skull

Booth E17

Handcrafted dice bags and accessories from a home studio in Overland Park, Kansas. Each dice bag is one-of-a-kind and made with high-quality fabric, vinyl, or cork.

» Website: https://www.valhavenstudio.com/

Valhaven Studio

Booth E41

The finest plastic, resin, and metal 28mm historical miniatures. But so much more! Discover World War II adventure with Bolt Action, do battle with samurai in feudal Japan with Test of Honour, and discover advanced civilizations in space with Beyond the Gates of Antares. We've got more, so check us out at our booth!

» Website: https://warlordgames.com/

Warlord Games