Four Days of Tabletop Hobby Gaming

This year we're using the Tabletop.Events system for badges, events, and merchandise.

Note: If you've got your badge, then you are all ready to sign-up for events after the dates below.

Important Dates

  • Early-Bird Event Sign-ups Start February 1, 2025
    For folks who purchased an Early-Bird Badge while available.
  • Normal Event Sign-ups Start March 1, 2025
    For all other badge holders.
  • Sign-ups End April 26, 2025
    After this date, attendees can sign-up for events onsite at the convention. 


Multiple Badges Per Account

With this new system, you can get one or more badges per account. So you can get a badge for you, your spouse, kids, friends, etc. all from one account! Whoever owns that account can then add events to those badges when they log in to the Tabletop.Events site.

Event Sign-Up Process

  1. Create account at Tabletop.Events
    tte account
  2. Add badge(s)
    tte events list
  3. Add event tickets to badge(s)
    tte events add
  4. Checkout!

A Note About Accounts

It's important to remember that the Tabletop.Events website and the Midwest GameFest website are different and have their own account systems. Your usernames from one will not necessarily work on the other.

  • MidwestGameFest.org is the main site for the event and has details and information.
  • Tabletop.Events is used for badge purchases, event submission, event sign-up, and merchandise purchases.