Four Days of Tabletop Hobby Gaming

Art Show: Contest and Auction

Midwest Gamefest is hosting our annual in-person Art Show again this year, including an art contest and auction, courtesy of Dorky Dino!

The Art Show is located in the Earth room, between the Registration desk and the hotel lobby. Come browse the artwork or enter your own original work in the contest, auction, or both. All kinds of artwork are accepted, including painted miniatures. Tell your friends by sharing this page (and watch for our soon-to-be-published Facebook event).

Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

Special Guest Richard Norton brings his traveling Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator to Midwest GameFest! Artemis lets you and your team of players assume the roles of Captain, Helm, Science, Communication, Engineering, Weapon Control, and Fighter Pilot. Together, you operate your ship and defend the sector from invading aliens and monster threats. Richard brings a complete bridge solution with workstations, a main view screen, a joystick for the pilot, music, and more!


Midwest GameFest is holding a food drive and benefit event for Harvesters again this year. Help us help those in need by donating non-perishable foods at the registration desk. Each qualifying donated food item is good for one ticket at our benefit raffle drawing Saturday evening!

Red Cross Blood Drive

Friday Afternoon Only: December 2, 2022 1pm-5:30pm

This year we are hosting a Red Cross Blood Drive Friday afternoon from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.! It's a great way to support the community and help fellow gamers.


In addition to traditional games of all kinds, Midwest GameFest also features some great cosplay opportunities! You won't want to miss our how-tos, celebrity discussion, and the Saturday Cosplay Contest!

Dungeon Delve

Stories abound in these parts about the Dungeon o' Dooooom. A buried labyrinth filled with riches beyond the dreams of avarice but guarded by the fiendish servants of the dungeon's creators. Are you brave enough to face the terrors within? Many try, but few succeed. Join up with others to defeat the denizens of the dungeon in this fun and danger-filled romp through an awesome labyrinth.

Game Library

Midwest GameFest is pleased to provide an extensive board game library provided by our organizing body, The Role-players Guild of Kansas City. The Game LIbrary contains some of the most popular and sought after board games, established classics, and hard-to-find jewels. It contains board games and card games of all kinds, from your basic family games like "Monopoly" and "Scrabble" to modern cloassics like "Settlers of Catan" and "Ticket to Ride," and "Pandemic."

Garage Sale

The Gamer Garage Sale provides an opportunity for attendees to sell used games and gaming-related items at the convention. It is open most of the show.

Math Trade

Want to trade away some games and get new-to-you games in exchange?

Check out the upcoming board (math) trade at our in-person convention in April!

We're using BoardGameGeek.com to manage the math trade, and the entire process is shepharded by board game afficianado Nick Seal.

Organized Play

Make your own character your way and bring it from one convention to another. That's organized play. And we've got several different game systems that support it here at Midwest GameFest. Whether you're rocking medeival fantasy with D&D and Pathfinder, cruising the stars with Starfinder, seeking honor in feudal Rokugan, or trying to avoid the corps in Shadowrun, there's something for you here.

Paint and Take

Whether you're a novice or an experienced painter, our Paint and Take offers a great way to "brush up" your miniature painting skills. Kids love it, experienced painters can share what they know, new folks find a fun new hobby, and everyone learns something along the way. Come explore some new techniques, pique your curiousity, or find a new life-long hobby!


Midwest GameFest features a line-up of fun panels, workshops, seminars, and acts on a range of topics and interests. From industry insiders and how-tos to local bands and comedians, there's always something worth your time. Check back later this year as we update this page with details.

Envoy Play-to-Win Program

Midwest GameFest's Play-to-Win program is available to all convention attendees that play a copy of the Play-to-Win games listed below. The winner(s) receive one copy of the game that was used for this program, not a new copy. It is sponsored by one or more generous game companies that donated a copy of the Play-to-Win game to raise awareness of their products.

Special Guests

Midwest GameFest includes a number of tabletop gaming industry insiders, artists, authors, and other special guests who will be running events and/or playing games on their own schedule at the convention. Some may even be available for panels or workshops. Don't miss an opportunity to hob-knob with your gaming heroes!


All badge holders at Midwest GameFest are entitled to a SWAG bag (stuff we all get) donated by our friendly and supportive Sponsors.