Fall 2019 Kansas City

Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center

Rick Loomis

Rick Loomis

Special Guest

Rick Loomis is the president and founder of Flying Buffalo Inc, the oldest adventure game company still run by its original ownership. Flying Buffalo publishes Tunnels & Trolls, Grimtooth's Traps, Citybooks, the Nuclear War card game, Pizza Dice, Death Dice, Lost Worlds Combat Picture Books, Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes, and Ace of Aces. Rick's company was the first to commercially run play-by-mail games. Yes, by postal mail, before the internet even existed! In 1972 Rick was the first person in the world to buy a computer just to play games, a Raytheon 704 Minicomputer with core memory. He wrote the first solo adventure, Buffalo Castle, for a roleplaying game (really the first choose-your-own-adventure book), and designed the expansions for the Nuclear War Card Game, including Nuclear Escalation, Nuclear Proliferation, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and India/Pakistan War. He invented a number of play-by-mail games, including Starweb, Nuclear Destruction, Battle Plan, and Heroic Fantasy. Follow him on Twitter to receive a free Death Die™.

Rick will be running Nuclear War tournaments, selling his games, offering sage advice, and more. Don't miss out!

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