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Cameron Gramarye

Cameron Gramarye

Hybrid Vigor Studios

Hybrid Vigor Studios consists of Chief Scientist J. Cameron Gramarye and Art Director Fatima "Bloo" Atie. Their... "friend" is a Squelch, which is one of the species of aliens you can choose to play in their current megagame, Sector 37: Brave New Worlds, running all day Sunday at Midwest GameFest.

Cameron is the designer of the Sector 37 series of megagames, as well as other board and card games, including Cthulhu Beckons, which will be going to Kickstarter early next year. Over the years, he has worked as a biology professor, a coffee jockey, a school bus driver, in a textbook warehouse, a medical lab, a veterinary office, a hot dog factory, and putting glitter on Christmas cards. Aside from games, his hobbies include writing, sewing, dancing, fencing, juggling, raising rabbits, and bothering his partners and their partners with his outlandish ideas.

Bloo is an architect and self-proclaimed artist. Her attraction to mangas and games has led her to work with some pretty weird geeks and otakus – with whom she feels right at home. She usually talks at sonic speed, so storytelling didn't go so well for her until she began working on comics. You can find her on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/Bloo.san

Sector 37 Brave New Worlds

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