Fall 2019 Kansas City

Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center

Confirmed Exhibitors

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NovaStar Gaming

NovaStar Gaming – Booth E18 & E19

Novastar Gaming Center is proud to sponsor this year's main ballroom, which has been christened the Novastar Gaming Hall! Come visit our booth for fun and free VR experiences you'll be taking about for days. After the convention, come visit Kansas City's preeminent LAN Event Center Located at the Shawnee Plaza in Shawnee Mission, KS. Over $30,000 has been awarded in prize money since 2015 for Call of Duty, SMASH 4, CS:GO and more! We are also the home of both KCSRK's "MAXOUT", the BIGGEST, LONGEST RUNNING Fighting Games Tournament Series in the Midwest & the Kansas City eSports Commission's "TITLE BOUT!" Smash 4 Tournament, the largest Smash 4 Tournament Series in Kansas City.


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Anthony Plumbing Heating Cooling

Anthony Plumbing Heating Cooling – Booth E01

Are you ready for the Midwest summer? Have you had your air conditioner tuned up? How about your furnace? Is it old enough to vote. Call Anthony Plumbing Heating and Cooling to make sure you have hot water when you turn the faucet on, cool days in the hot summer time and warm nights in the cold winter time. Call A-N-T-H-O-N-Y (268-4669) KS and MO


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Crypt Monkey Studios, LLC

Crypt Monkey Studios, LLC – Booth E07

Crypt Monkey Studios is a publisher of roleplaying games, primer games, and card games with themes of dark fantasy and comedy. We endeavor to provide much of the story for each of our game universes outside of the purchased materials. At Crypt Monkey Studios, you’ll find rich and immersive worlds with easy to play systems that don’t get in the way of gameplay.


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Syther Gaming

Syther Gaming – Booth E15

Syther Gaming is an indie publisher promoting our first title, "OverBattle: The All War" coming to Kickstarter March 19th, 2019. "OverBattle: The All War" is a tabletop space warfare, area control game destined to find a place on your epics list! 2 to 4 players (5th & 6th via the expansions) providing a new, engaging and refined 4X experience. Come play!


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Dorky Dino

Dorky Dino – Booth E28

Dorky Dino is a shop run by artist Brandi Miller. Brandi designs cute creatures and then hand makes them into various products including charms, keychains, jewelry, dice bags, and patches. She also does original paintings and other fine arts. The main themes in Dorky Dino are all things cute and colorful, as well as references to geekery and pop culture. Many of her creations are inspired by tabletop gaming.


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Play To Beat Brain Cancer, Inc

Play To Beat Brain Cancer, Inc – Booth E22 & E23

Play To Beat Brain Cancer Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organized and operated to primarily pay the Medical expenses for patients suffering from Brain Cancer who cannot afford the Treatments, Medicines, or Surgeries. In addition, we provide support through donations to various Hospitals doing Brain Cancer Research and Clinical Trials.


Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator – Booth E16 & E17

Special Guest Richard Norton brings his traveling Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator to Midwest GameFest! Artemis lets you and your team of players assume the roles of Captain, Helm, Science, Communication, Engineering, Weapon Control, and Fighter Pilot. Together, you operate your ship and defend the sector from invading aliens and monster threats. Richard brings a complete bridge solution with workstations, a main view screen, a joystick for the pilot, music, and more!


Brass Engine Games

Brass Engine Games – Booth E06

Brass Engine publishes independent tabletop games, as well as creates leather gaming accessories.


Designs by Raquel

Designs by Raquel – Booth E02

We sell handmade dice bags, tote bags, cinch backpacks and pillows. We use designs including Cthulhu, Pokémon, Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, Star Trek, Hello Kitty and everything in between. Thank you!


Dragonclaw Chainmaille

Dragonclaw Chainmaille – Booth E29

Handmade Chainmail Armor and Jewelry. We create with a nerdy flair. We offer a variety of creations made entirely out of chainmail including: pokeballs, dice bags, pictures, flowers, bracelets and necklaces. We also can armor you or your favorite stuffed animal. Custom orders are available, so order you custom product, play a game and come back to pick it up.


Dungeon Delve

Dungeon Delve – Booth E10 & E11

Stories abound in these parts about the Dungeon of Dread. A buried labyrinth filled with riches beyond the dreams of avarice but guarded by the fiendish servants of the dungeon's creators. Are you brave enough to face the terrors within? Many try, but few succeed. Join up with others to defeat the denizens of the dungeon in this fun and danger-filled romp through their awesome labyrinth. Doug Howard, Dave Berg, and others are your guides as you struggle to complete the dungeon. Characters provided, and new players are encouraged!



DungeonWall – Booth E04

We create hard plastic dungeon tile sets and other paper and pen RPG merchandise. We also offer other various products to enhance your gaming experiences.


Feral Events

Feral Events – Booth E37

We carry an assortment of board games, miniatures, used goods, Magic The Gathering, Pokemon Cards, and more, but there's a special place in our hearts for Warhammer.


Game Cafe

Game Cafe – Booth E24

Game Cafe is located on the historic Independence Square. It fills two buildings with three event halls, a cafe area, private game rooms, and retail area. Visit us and get a cup of holding to enjoy RPGs, board games, CCGs, and Miniature games. Tournaments and events happen daily, and you can find them on our [web site](http://www.playgamecafe.com/) and [facebook](https://www.facebook.com/GameCafe) site. We hope to see you there! Game Cafe strives to support our local game community, and are proud to be a part of Midwest Game Fest for more years than I can remember.


Heart of America Miniature gaming Society

Heart of America Miniature gaming Society – Booth E36

Heart of America Miniature gaming Society (HAHMGS) is a not for profit corporation registered in the State of Missouri. The purpose of this society is to promote historical gaming in miniature and the study of military history. Towards this goal we publish the Communique and host Borderwars, our annual convention each Spring.



HedgeCrafts – Booth E05

HedgeCrafts was founded on the idea of making affordable, handcrafted gamer gear for gamers in larp, table top, cosplay, and more. We specialize in leather goods such as character scrolls, coin pouches, vial cases, and some armor. We also make a variety of dice bags, dice towers, leather card cases, and more. If we don't have what you're looking for we take commissions as well and aren't afraid to try and make something new and unique.


IRIS Gaming Table

IRIS Gaming Table – Booth E31

The IRIS Gaming Table is an attempt at bringing the worlds of board games and video games together into a crazy Frankenstein of fun. I tried to keep the speed, simplicity, and interactivity of video games while keeping the relational, communal, and tactile components of board games. Games last about 15 minutes and are open to all ages. You don't need to know any rules or anything else except how to have a good time. Please stop by and help me bring games a small step closer to the future!


Jeff Porter Illustration

Jeff Porter Illustration – Booth E21

I sell a wide assortment of illustration prints and posters as well as buttons. You can also get a copy of the card game Xenofera: the game of galactic creature capture. If you missed the Kickstarter we will be taking pre-orders for Era of Kingdoms: A strategy Game of Kingdom Building in the medieval World. Please come by the booth to try them both out.


Jels Journals

Jels Journals – Booth E26

I specialize in lovingly crafting and binding personalized books and journals. My goal is to bind you the book of your dreams. It can be blank for journaling or writing your own spells. Or you can let me know the content that you want included: your personal spells or poetry, cookbook recipes, really your imagination is the only limit. Journals come with blank pages for you to write in as you choose. But my main love is making these real spell books. I can use standard spells or you can send me the spells you want printed. I have created my own verbal commands for mage and cleric spells and have translated these into elvish (or can use dwarven runes or demonic script). I'm happy to translate yours as well! I look forward to seeing you at Midwest Gamefest!


JTP Games

JTP Games – Booth E03

JTP Games is a game designer local to the Kansas City area. I'll be showing off different games that I've made for you to enjoy with your friends and family. You may recognize some of my games, like Pluto Attacks and Goblin Stole My Chicken. And be sure to check out some of the new things like The Stars Are Burning and The Ogre's Jewels! I'm also a proud member of the Kansas City Game Designers, and we'll be showing off some of our other members goods, plus providing information on the KC Game Designer group itself. We're always looking for more local designers and playtesters. All of my games are produced by The Game Crafter, and I will be answering all questions regarding them, as well as giving away some special things, so be sure and ask about this as well.



KantCon – Booth E12

KantCon is a family-friendly non-profit convention for tabletop hobby gamers in July in the Kansas City area, started in 2009. KantCon organizers work with gaming companies like Wizards of the Coast, Rio Grande Games, Envoy and other companies to generate the thousands of dollars in prizes handed out in the last ten years, and this support continues for KantCon 2019!


Level One Game Shop

Level One Game Shop – Booth E27

One of the biggest game stores in Greater Kansas City, located in City Market. Specializing in hobby board games, TCGs, miniature wargames, and "nerd chic" lifestyle gear. Level One also hosts Level Up events, which are pop-up board game night at local restaurants and bars. Our board game specialist will teach you how to play and pair up people while you enjoy delicious food and drinks.


Minuteman Miniatures

Minuteman Miniatures – Booth E08

Using advanced new methods of 3D scanning and liquid-resin 3D printing, Minuteman Miniatures has developed a way to create custom gaming miniatures with your actual face. In other words, we can create a Miniature You™. Our digital sculptors combine your 3D facial scan with a selection from our range of male and female bodies to create a one of a kind miniature bearing your exact likeness. From a Greek Hoplite to a Fantasy Wizard, we can create the perfect miniature for your next game. Our 3D scanning process is performed in person at local scanning events and gaming conventions, and is finished in less than two minutes. Once we have your facial scan on file, we can create a Miniature You™ at any point in the future - today, tomorrow, or two years from now. And the best part? Our facial scans are always 100% Free.


Moonbase Market

Moonbase Market – Booth E25

Moonbase Market is St. Louis' premier tabletop retailer and esports event space.



MY 3D PRINT CLUB – Booth E09

MY 3D PRINT CLUB is a club based print service where members vote each month on projects and print runs to be completed and distributed to members of the club. With a variety of membership options, you can choose an automated reward level or purchase print time to get custom models made and delivered to you


Parlor LLC

Parlor LLC – Booth E30

Parlor is a ragtag bunch of miscreants known for "Tephra: the Steampunk RPG," and we're also working on some new RPG systems, such as our new sci-fi RPG, Retroscape! Come check out our line of RPGs, play with us, hang out, and see what we're working on next.


Peculiar Games and Hobbies

Peculiar Games and Hobbies – Booth E20

A great place to meet up with old friends, make new ones and have fun playing games! We support organized play and have demos almost weekly. Come in and be welcome!


Warlord Games

Warlord Games – Booth E34 & E35

The finest plastic, resin, and metal 28mm historical miniatures. But so much more! Discover World War II adventure with Bolt Action, do battle with samurai in feudal Japan with Test of Honour, and discover advanced civilizations in space with Beyond the Gates of Antares. We've got more, so check us out at our booth!


Wolfguard Gaming Club

Wolfguard Gaming Club – Booth E32 & E33

Wolfguard brings you the Tournament of Champions... the original 10 player Deathmatch! Yes, it's back! You play a character - perhaps a mighty champion on a warhorse or maybe a master of the arcane, controlling the very fires of creation! The rules are simple - Be the player with the most kills! This game will run all day Saturday, with a sign-up sheet at the table. If you find you've got an hour to kill before the next event you want to participate in - swing by Tournament of Champions. But be warned, it is addictive and you might not want to stop! If you've can't manage to find us, just listen for the BELL!