Fall 2017 Kansas City

Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center

Mad Alchemist’s Apprenticeship


Some alchemists spent lifetimes trying to turn lead into gold, but one is said to have had less lofty desires.  Many said he was simply mad. Yet others describe him as a deranged genius.  No matter where his sanity lays, he has come to teach young apprentices the practical use of this ancient and long forgotten art.  If you are daring enough to seek him out, the Mad Alchemist will teach you practical alchemy for a modern age.


These events are activity laden challenges where young apprentices will learn to perform amazing feats of near wizardry based on the art of long lost sciences. Certificates of Alchemaic Achievement will be award to each participant for mastering the topics they undertake. All activities are supervised and take between 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Recommended ages are age 8 and up. Some projects do create items which can be taken home with the student if parents allow.


There is a small fee to help cover the cost of materials. The full apprenticeship curriculum is available for $15 per person or individual activities can be selected at a cost of $5 per class. Family passes are available for full curriculum apprenticeships at a discount of $5 per student.   


Activities are run from the CYBERG Technologies booth near the video games section. Payment and registration will be done at this booth.



Creating Dungeon Slimes

Goal: Learn to make common dungeon slimes to protect your dungeon treasures.

Student will learn how to make several slimes useful for guarding dungeons from intrepid, treasure seeking adventures.

Requisite: None


Practical Transformation of Dungeon Slimes

Goal: transmuting malevolent jellies and slimes into useful substances

Student will learn to convert slimes into useful putties and energetic bouncing balls

Requisite: Creating Dungeon Slimes


Forging 101

Goal: Learn how to make colorful wax golems to aid you in designing your dungeons

Student will cast a golem from molten wax (melted crayons) which they can use to draw out their dungeon plans  

Requisite: None


Forging 102

Goal: Learn how to create dungeon items from magical clays

Student will use alchemist clay (foam clay) to create items and creatures for their dungeon.

Requisite: None


Basic Dungeon Crafting

Goal: Learn how to create a simple dungeon

Student will create a small multi room dungeon from pre made plastic tiles

Requisite: None


Advanced Dungeon Crafting

Goal: Learn how to create an advanced dungeon

Student will create complex dungeons from self made pre-printed paper tiles

Requisite: None